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Wedding Walkthrough

For almost 20 years, Onteora has been hosting weddings. Over that time, we have made many renovations and additions to the site to provide a flexible and accommodating space precisely attuned to the unique needs of  weddings.

This 5 page " walkthrough"  takes you through a scenario of how weddings work here, and give you some idea of what you and your guests will experience.  While every wedding here has its unique aspects, what you see here can provide a solid framework for your own personal wedding planning.


 Onteora was built in the late 1920’s as the summer estate of mayonnaise millionaire Richard Hellmann.  It’s located on the side of Mount Tycetonik, in the middle of the Catskill Mountain Preserve, 8 miles from the famous town of Woodstock.

The site has a 220ยบ panoramic view of the mountains and is surrounded by 200 acres of forests.
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 The main house has 5 guest rooms and there are two guest rooms in a cottage located up the hill. Every room has a private bath, most with whirlpools. All the rooms in the house have one queen size bed, and in the cottage, one king size.
Saturday weddings have all of Onteora for themselves from Friday afternoon till Sunday noon. Sunday weddings can stay over on Sunday night if they choose.

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Friday afternoon is pretty laid back, with the house guests arriving from all over the country -- maybe even the world -- and hanging up their wedding outfits.