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Friday, April 1, 2016

Just in time for Spring!!!

Just in time for spring, Onteora unveils its new bridal suite!

 We’re gone off on a whole new style of interior decorating with the opening of our newly-remodeled bridal suite.  Note the color-coordinated pottery, evangelical-approved twin beds, and rabbit ears!  What other bridal suite can boast rabbit ears? Not to mention the state of the art communication system.

A special feature that will be most appreciated by newly-weds is the cement-block-totally-sound-proof-walls.   Go ahead! Have all the fun you want!

PS: It may look like our manager, Jeremy, has gained a little weight over the winter.  But that’s just the wide-angle lens. Really.

Please note:  due to unprecedented demand, this bridal suite is only available for one day this year. Today, April 1.  Be the first here. You’ll be the last.